The Aspartame Conspiracy #newstuff

sugar-485055_640-554x416You can tell your posts are getting read by someone when you get contacted by strangers. Actually it happened a lot on my first blog, but that’s because I was part of a forum and blogged about my wedding plans. That ended with marriage. But recently I was contacted by PreScouter journal and asked to produce an article in my field – chemicals, discoveries and innovations (or at least what I seem to write baout most). Jess, who contacted me, had read my nylon post, and liked it.

Have a look at PreScouter, because it’s a little different from the RSC, or other platforms like Speakers of Science I have written for. Their target audience is primarily industries, and helping them get a quick, accurate snapshot of the science so they know where to start investigating for future scientific innovations.

So I had a think and came up with ‘The Aspartame Conspiracy’. Why? It was a topic I had researched for an evening course at the Knowledge Project, Oxford, so all I needed to do was refresh my memory. But, more importantly, thetopic demonstrated a fantastic link between social and chemical aspects of a material, how the language we use to describe things affects our understanding of them, how compulsory food labelling makes us suspicious and how so many people just don’t like scientific advance. Read it to learn more.

IMAGE: from ‘The Aspartame Conspiracy’ post.


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