Chatsworth and the Roaches

I haven’t written many climbing posts, but I recently went out to the Peak District with some friends and we had a good climb at the Roaches [Yong area, Lower Tier, 4 routes] and then Chatsworth [Cider Wall, Gardom’s Edge, 6 routes]. So, here are some pretty pictures of brightly-coloured helmets attached to 4 climbers.

The Roaches

3rWe started on the Cannonball Crack (S) with a slightly offside anchor.


Did a few easy things (below is the Little Chimney, M)…








And then ventured on to the Lucas Chimney (S).


[Me doing the Lucas Chimney]








Unfortunately, the off and on spits of rain eventually became more determined about 6pm, so we called it an early night (not a bad idea either, because although we were only a few hundred metres from the car, the fog had set in so heavily by the time we reached it that we couldn’t see the crags!).

Sheltering from the onslaught:



7cSo the following day we went to Chatsworth, where the routes were significantly more concealed by undergrowth, although pretty spectacular when we found them.








We walked to the top of the crags and abseiled down to climb back up using a top rope (we still don’t have very much trad kit between us…)

5r 6r



There are several densely packed interesting routes along the Cider Wall of a fairly easy grade, great for messing around and getting to grips with the gritstone (my fingers… oooww). We spent a lot of time climbing cracks between Bitter (VS) and Blenheim Gully (HS).



Good news, nobody died. The weather was better at Chatsworth (actually quite warm and sunny during the morning) and we were able to get a few more routes done and built up some speed setting up anchors. Overall, a good pratcice, and we’ll need to go again sometime soon!



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One Response to Chatsworth and the Roaches

  1. Claire Scot says:

    OOh, loved the photos, and the wordage! Very well done! Also, welcome anytime, though think might be a good idea to provide floor sleepers with a little more cushioning… Maman xxx

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