Sense About Science

Sense About Science have launched a new swanky-looking website they asked us all to review. They had a very clever tool in a side tab so you could answer the survey questions whilst navigating the website. Swanky though it looks, I rapidly gave up and used the site menu I found at the bottom, but I think the problem is not so much a poorly designed website as a poorly designed quiz.

Several of the questions ask you to navigate to a page of the name they have specified. Of course, I don’t know what this page is about. When they ask me to search for a publication, I go to publications and look for the name they give me, but when they ask me to find a page I have to try first to work out what that page is about before I can determine where it might be and why (and apparently I am very bad at guessing). Notably I found the site much easier to use when asked to find information (rather than a page title) and as I got more used to using it.

Quiz oopsie.


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