To All of Those Pursuing Their Dreams Outside their Job…

It’s a hard world out there for dreams at the moment. Christ, it’s a hard world for jobs, and many of us will find ourselves doing something we’re not entirely sure about, how we got into it, where it’s going, whether we want to do it at all. But it’s a career, and that can get in the way of dreams and put them on the backburner, especially if your dreams seem hugely inattainable.

Well, let me tell you something.

The best day of your life isn’t the day you get married, the day you graduate, the day you win that award. These are staged days, overdesigned days: days that tell you how to feel rather than catch you by surprise and whisk you away in the moment.

The best days of your life are those days where you work a 14-hour day, get home half-starved, and find yourself in front of the computer, writing. Where you write until silly o’clock in the morning because the flow has caught you and you just have to do it, you just can’t stop.

You live, you breathe, you write.

And let me tell you a secret: there can be dozens and dozens of these days every year, if you let them happen, if you never give up trying.

Whatever your art, whatever your dreams, remember this.


About RowenaFW

I am a Fish. But you wouldn't know it just from looking at me.
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