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And What If I Don’t Know the Genre of My Novel?

I’ve been asked to trial Agent Hunter and write up a review of how I find it and what could be done to improve it through Great! I thought. This will be exciting and not too much work. Well… … Continue reading

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Can We Reclaim this Word?

Following Dean Burnett’s summary on the word “Boffin” (or “Boff” as I more commonly encountered it), I’ve had a thought and pieced together why I think it’s more insulting than “geek” or “nerd”, which have been reclaimed. I was called … Continue reading

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Correlation is NOT Causation

And don’t you fucking pretend it is! This: I mean, shit, seriously shit. You think this is convincing? Just because you MADE IT REALLY BIG. Let me tell you something. In 1983, there were no mobile phones in the UK … Continue reading

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Why fundamentalists don’t believe in atheists

Originally posted on Leaving Fundamentalism:
It’s common for fundamentalists to assert “there’s no such thing as a true atheist”. Why would they say this? It seems to be in direct contradiction to obvious empirical evidence. It wouldn’t be the first…

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To All of Those Pursuing Their Dreams Outside their Job…

It’s a hard world out there for dreams at the moment. Christ, it’s a hard world for jobs, and many of us will find ourselves doing something we’re not entirely sure about, how we got into it, where it’s going, … Continue reading

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