Defined by Gender

This is exactly why I hate being defined by my gender.

It’s not just about the backward, religious conservative American perspective of male-female complementary idealism (which just means inequality, and women mustn’t work) which bothers me, but the archaic idea that my gender matters.

My gender matters when it comes to medical issues, choir, or some sports. It matters to solidify self-identity and group-identity or for mating purposes. There aren’t actually a lot of things gender matters in, but it’s been placed all over society in every day life.

My gender does not matter when it comes to what I do for work, where I go to school, hobbies, likes and dislikes, my role at home, the way I interact with others, my rights to children, or even my sexuality. It shouldn’t matter for where you sit in a religious building, what you’re supposed to wear, or where you go to the toilet either.

In the same way Virginia Wolff asked why men were so obsessed with women, I want to know why people are so obsessed with gender. Surely it should be strikingly obvious that gender and income are not on the same page. How is this crap still infiltrating modern discussion? Because it annoys me. It annoys me on a daily basis that I am expected to do certain things or be a certain way because I’m female. Sometimes, I wish people couldn’t actually tell.


About RowenaFW

I am a Fish. But you wouldn't know it just from looking at me.
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