Off our Eggs

I often have crazy ideas, but I don’t often have people crazy enough to help me carry them out. Fortunately, my team mate #1 (aka husband) is just one of those people whom when you say “I want to make a giant chocolate cream egg” goes and puts on an apron.


And starts smashing up chocolate bars.

P1050965(I told him to take out his inner rage on the chocolate, but apparently he is devoid of inner range and some of the chocolate was less pulverised than it might have been).

My method for covering a balloon in chocolate mostly consisted of the very sophisticated technique of standing it upright in a colander and smearing chocolate all over it with a spatula. The colander was pretty hard to clean.

Guy also faced the brunt of the action when, ten minutes into coating a balloon with molten dark chocolate, the balloon exploded, coating him, me, and most of the kitchen with warm gooey chocolate.


On the second attempt, the crust had nearly set when the balloon burst, leaving the soggy chocolatey crust to fold sadly into itself. On the third attempt, the molten chocolate was getting to the lumpy setting stage – which is why the egg was less aesthetically pleasing than we had hoped; on the other hand, it was also cool enough not to burst the balloon and drench us in chocolate.

And so we slowly progressed, making a lid, adding an outer layer of milk chocolate and leaving it to set whilst we scrubbed the kitchen clean, and then slowly deflating the balloon and prising it off the chocolatey shell.




We made butter icing to do as the filling, favoured it with vanilla and dyed the yolk a bright orange (not that the white was that white, but it would do). Accompanying this are various quotes along the lines of, “You think you worked out earlier? Try creaming a kilogram of butter into a kilogram of icing sugar!” And, “Well, that’s 2kg of butter used up in a few minutes.”



7.25kg of chocolate, 2 kg of butter and 2kg of icing sugar went into this project.



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One Response to Off our Eggs

  1. Lones says:

    I would fill it with fresh made marshmallow – thanks for your insight..

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