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Someone shared this on facebook. I don’t know it’s original source. I have to disagree. If you don’t believe in human Jesus you suffer in the worst imaginable way, in literal hell, eternally. If you don’t believe in Jesus hyena… … Continue reading

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The Best Chocolate Brownies

We made these for the husband’s birthday. Because, you know, it’s tradition to take cakes into work for your birthday. I have instructions and got bits out/tidied away, and he baked. So far, we’ve only eaten what was stuck to … Continue reading

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Don’t You Just Love Being a Chemist?

It’s a very colourful profession. I have been spending the morning looking at Dulux Colour Charts. Yes I just did. Working with air-sensitive samples often means they visibly degrade when left on the benchtop, but I was sure mine were … Continue reading

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