Say “Hello”, Frank

Halloween is coming up, so naturally the Husband and I have been working very hard on our Halloween costumes. Unusually, mine is not the most elaborate. In my efforts to make the boy dress up in a rabbit onesie, we decided he should go as Frank the Rabbit from Donny Darko. In our enthusiasm for this costume we bought not only a rabbit onesie (actually, it’s a wolf onesie, but I mean to chop off it’s face), but also a lot of mod roc. Thus armed with mod roc, a load of old pens, some cardboard and tape, 8 paperclips and an old coathanger, we made Frank.

Say “Hello”, Frank.

Other things which came in handy were newspaper, water and cling film to put over Guy’s face whilst I lay the foundations of the mask. He was breathing through a straw poking out beneath the jaw of the mask.

It’s pretty heavy, so we’re hoping he can wear it alright.

He is considering painting it.


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I am a Fish. But you wouldn't know it just from looking at me.
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