Sex and Meat


“but I haven’t noticed anybody being mocked or judged for choosing to wait at all . ”

I’ve experienced it, if you go to a normal college (I went to Illinois). I was not like this guy looking down on people, I didn’t even talk about it, but people asked me “why don’t you have sex more” and i said “because of my religion, I want to wait” which was apparently not a good enough answer. Some people even got angry with me, I’m not sure why. I know vegetarians tell me the same thing. When someone asks them why they are a vegetarian, and they explain it, the other person almost always gets mad and says “you think you’re better than me?” And they say “well you asked me why”

Of course, looking back, i think the whole idea of sex being evil outside of a marriage, and waiting, was awful, and really harmed my ability to have normal, healthy relationships, and to grow and mature as a person.

This is about sex.

I’m a vegetarian.

I’ve got to the stage now where when people ask me why I’m a vegetarian I ask them why they eat meat. They always laugh back and try to return to their question. They completely and entirely do not get the point.

So why do I try to make it anyway? Basically, because I’m sick of excusing vegetarianism by playing down ethics and playing up personal taste to get them off my fucking case. Because I don’t want to have an argument every time I dine with somebody new. I’m not a vegetarian because I like to antagonise and judge people. Maybe I should just tell them that!

And all I can assume is that if someone gets angry when they ask why I’m a vegetarian and I answer, when I explain how cutting down on meat to eat a healthy amount and select which meats to prioritis based on your personal ethics is more important than giving up meat altogether, is that they are really really insecure about their decisions. But even if I tell them that, what would it achieve? They will still take out their temper on me.


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