I Love Mendeley Desktop

I Love Mendeley Desktop. I love it so much that I can’t keep this to myself and had to write a blog post about it, then publish this blog post to my facebook page. I LOVE Mendeley Desktop. I love it.

Mendeley Desktop is a bibliographic tool. We were told to use EndNote, but not only did I not like it and think that it didn’t do one of the basic things I would expect a tool to do (abstract references from .pdfs), but it cost money, and I had to have Microsoft Office, which also costs money.

Mendeley is free. And it has a networking site for sharing references too. I have pimped out my profile.

Now not only has it abstracted references from the .pdfs I introduced it to, but it’s been sneakily adding more references to the database as I save more papers to the original file. Which means it is doing all the work without even being told. I love it!

I’ve just been using it to look through paper titles. I save all my papers by number (i.e. P001, P002, et cetera), which meant before Mendeley if I couldn’t remember what number a paper was and hadn’t made a note, I had to look through them all or make a database of records. Now with Mendeley I can browse and search by title, authors, journal or year – and then it gives me the P-number so that I can open the file when I have the one I want. Not only did I have to type things into EndNote manually, I couldn’t even make a note of the paper number in the reference. Mendeley WINS.


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