About a Box

It’s my birthday on Sunday, and so I have taken in one parcel already this week (from my aunt and uncle, which conveniently arrived when I was at home) and I am off to the post office at lunch to collect one from my grandparents. Guy cleverly had his delivery sent to labs – or it would have been clever, if our accounts manager hadn’t been away.

He was beginning to fret today about it not arriving, and I told him that I would go down and check.

The door was locked (no one at home), so we went for a key.

This usually means accounts is running errands or gone for lunch or something. But then it occurred to me that I haven’t received a single email about any incoming deliveries for the group, floor, or wider school of chemistry all week. I suspect accounts is taking a holiday. In fairness, we were probably emailed about it, and I forgot. I categorise emails two ways 1) need to deal with this and 2) not my problem. Delete.

I found the parcel, so obviously it had arrived and I could reassure Guy.

And given that I know what it is, it’s a bit bigger than I thought. Well, a lot bigger.

I’m only 5’3″, and it was pretty difficult to get my arms around it. I even took the lift because the doors open and close for me and I simply can’t reach over the expanse of box to pull a door open – I have to balance the box on one knee flick the door, wedge the other foot in and then rearrange the box whilst I kick the door open and dive through.

Guy assures me he will help take it home.

For now, I have wedged it into my locker; wedge being the operative word. It takes up the entire locker. It also turns out that my locker is narrower at the bottom than at the top, a fact not obvious to the naked eye. I had to squash it in at the top and let it slide down a little before jamming itself at the base of the locker. I may need his help getting it out.

But I’m getting a little excited about my birthday.


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I am a Fish. But you wouldn't know it just from looking at me.
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