We have a pear problem.

So, basically, my husband and I get an organic fruit and veg box delivered from Abel and Cole every fortnight. It works pretty well, though we get more fruit than we’d normally eat, but it’s good for us, so yay. It comes to our door and nestles under the barbeque, where it’s all dry and we only have to walk 5 steps to get it home. We also have the capacity to buy in more things we really like that don’t come too often (mostly onions and sweet peppers), but the veg we get will last us a while. Sometimes more than a fortnight for cabbage and potatoes.

You can even edit your preferences online, so we can tell them to ever, ever send us cauliflower, or it will be used to help Iris win her catfights.

Only we have a problem. A pear problem.

You see, you can only tell them you dislike so many things (otherwise it makes life difficult for them), and obviously we are not going to compromise on the cauliflower, so we can’t tell them not to send us pears.

And they keep . sending . pears .

I have told them to skip pears, but they keep coming. In the end I set kiwi to NO WE DON’T LIKE IT becase we had the same problem last year. They kept sending kiwi.

I like pears and kiwi alright, but Guy doesn’t, so I have to do something really creative with them to make him consume them: kiwi cocktails, pear muffins, or oven-baked cinnamon spiced pears. But we still have too many pears.

And I just don’t want to eat pears every single day. Is that too much to ask???

I feel like I am going mad with pears, and we are still building a surplus. I can’t stand to throw things away, so at the moment MY FREEZER IS FILLED WITH PEARS. The ice cream is struggling to fit, and that could lead to tragedy.

So the other day, I came up with an idea. Let’s make pear cider. I don’t actually like pear cider, but so what, we can see what happens. And if I don’t like it, he can drink it. It’s his duty to share responsibility for the pears. HE CAN SUFFER THE ONSLAUGHT OF THE PEARS. Guy seemed excited, so just now I looked up pear cider recipes and found this, which looked pretty promising. Until I realised that they used ten buckets of pears. TEN BUCKETS. That’s quite a lot of pears, and definitely wouldn’t fit in my freezer, ice cream or no ice cream.

Last winter we collected apples from a local apple tree. We could do that again, but that will only lead to nice normal apple cider.

You know what, Abel and Cole? We need more pears.


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