The Sofa Cover Project

A while ago, I bought a giant roll of dark blue chenille fabric. It wasn’t easy to find, but I was determined to find a dark blue chenille. I wasn’t trying to match a particular shade, I just wanted something that would suit the blue and white decor of our living room and not match too closely to the vibrantly light blue walls.

The fabric is for covering our sofa and I’d also like to get our ex-Somerville chair covered in it too. But that may have to be done professionally as I don’t fancy my chances putting it back together after I have gouged it out.

I have LOTS of blue chenille fabric.

It’s very stretchy. It’s kinda funky. It LIKES to be sewed.

You know what, I am going to make Guy take a photograph of me holding the roll so you can see exactly how immense it is!

Here we go:

So far I have only finished the cover for one seat cushion, but I cut out and backing stitched up the other cushion. And a lot can be said for those backing stitches: my grandma got married with the tacking still in the hem of her wedding dress!

I will keep you updated.


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